Virginia Boat Upholstery

Virginia Boat Upholstery RepairMichael Oss Automotive Upholstery does more than just repairing and revitalizing Virginia car interiors, they reupholster boats too!

No matter the size, a little fishing boat you use to catch bass in the Occocquan Reservoir, or fixing up a 50-foot yacht, get prepared this summer with new upholstery from Michael Oss. From seats, to flooring material, we can restore or repair it all.

Boats typically take a worse beating than a car. They get wet and they’re susceptible to being out in the sun all day. Even when they’re stored, they can be out in the sun all day uncovered. More times than not, boat seats crack and get weathered at a faster pace than the way car interiors depreciate. Cars have a roof to protect its interior from the sun and weather.

Custom Boat Cover VirginiaAlso, car interiors rarely gets wet or soaked compared to boat upholstery. Think about the times you’ve came into the boat after a dip and sat right on the vinyl seats. Although vinyl does an excellent job in protecting against moisture than other kinds of upholstery, it still gets weathered. Moisture can sneak into the foam and once that becomes wet, the interior will begin to rot.

Boat covers get worn from the weather too and those need to be replaced from time to time.  Remember, Michael Oss can create custom boat covers or boat upholstery. No style is too unique for Michael’s ability.

So remember, if you’d have Michael Oss restore and repair your car’s interior, he can do your boat too. Call him today and get your boat ready for the summer.