Professional convertible top repairs

Mustang convertible repairFixing a convertible top is a lot like fixing a roof – it takes a professional to ensure what you have over your head will keep you safe from the elements.

That’s why beyond the interior upholstery repair we do for all makes and models, we also repair convertible tops.

Let’s face it, canvas tops can be easy to tear or rip. It only takes a windy day to remove a loose branch, which could be the difference between an unnoticeable dent on a hard top or an ugly rip in a soft top. And no matter the size of the rip, water and air will enter when you don’t want it to.

Oh and fixing these tops, especially on older models vehicles is a little more complex than a just a patch. Sometimes the entire roof needs to be removed to fix a specific tear, or the whole top needs to be replaced. We do repairs and total replacements.

Thinking about installing a window on a convertible top? Those can be pretty tricky too. Some have defrosters that need to be installed, which obviously are a little more complicated.

What about latches, hydraulics — that actually make the convertible move up or down, or the weather strips around the outside to water doesn’t seep in between the window and top. We  do it all, on most makes and models of convertibles, including your old 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible.

Don’t be fooled on the older models we work on either, we service new models too.