Advantages of Cloth Upholstery

When it comes time to choosing the interior of your new car, the big decision resides in what type of upholstery to choose. The choice between leather and cloth should be decided after reviewing several different factors; such as the type of car, how often the car will be used, your desired price range and who will mostly be utilizing the car.

After last post about the advantages leather holds over cloth. Now lets take a look at some of the benefits cloth interior has.

Cloth Upholstered SeatsPrice — Cloth interior is more inexpensive than leather interior. Leather interior can often cost an additional 500-700 dollars, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. If you are trying to stick to a moderate budget without all the extra luxuries, cloth is a better option and will save you some cash.

Stay Cool — Unlike leather upholstery, cloth will not burn as you get into your automobile during the hot, summer months nor with you sweat and stick to the cushions. (That’s reason enough!) Cloth absorbs the sweat so you won’t find yourself stuck to your seats!

Kid Friendly — Cloth is much more comfortable than leather especially if you have little ones. Cloth material is more comfortable against skin and heads as opposed to leather.

Pet Friendly — If you are a pet owner and often enjoy bringing your furry friend along for car rides, cloth interior is probably the best option for you. Cloth will not sustain damage from your pet’s claws. Leather is prone to scratch marks and punctures.

Whether you like cloth or leather, Mike Oss can install it all. He’ll make recommendations, but ultimately it’s up to your preference on what he installs. Old cars, or newer vehicles in Virginia that need upholstery services, call Mike today.